Find below downloads for TaekoPlan add-ons and the PDF manual.



TaekoPlan v4

TaekoPlan v4 Setup


Full setup for TaekoPlan v4 v4.6.9 (03-05-2024).


You don't have to remove the previous install, just run the setup over the existing version. If this setup is not the latest, TaekoPlan will automatically invite you to update to the latest version available.

TaekoPlan PDF manual for v4
Complete manual to support you in getting started with TaekoPlan. Updated march, 22nd, 2021
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.4 MB
TaekoPlan v4 license agreement
License agreement for use of TaekoPlan v4
Adobe Acrobat Document 213.8 KB

TaekoPlan v3 (maintenance)

TaekoPlan v3.02 Setup


Full setup for TaekoPlan v3.02 (updated 23/09/2021).
This download is just for maintenance reasons, no new installs allowed. Updated: fixed new IP addresses for live update and online database connection


You don't have to remove the previous install, just run the setup over the existing version. Please note: Support for TaekoPlan v3 is end-of-life since january 2021. No new licenses will be provided and support is only given based on hourly rate.

TaekoPlan PDF manual for v3
Complete manual to support you in getting started with TaekoPlan
This download is just for maintenance reasons.
Adobe Acrobat Document 17.5 MB

Video Replay

Full setup for TaekoPlan Video Replay v8.3.5 (updated 04-06-2024).

You don't have to remove the previous install, just run the setup over the existing version.

Added replay from memory to speed up frame by frame and seconds plus and minus.


Now you can capture and watch the same file instantly as video-replay. So just continue capturing while checking the latest seconds of the file.

Latest update (v8.4) has rewritten code for connecting Multiview devices with more camera's attached. Tested with 4 Full HD camera's on a Multiview 4x1 4K device.

TaekoVRHD8 manual
Complete manual to support you in getting started with the TaekoVRHD video replay v8 software.
Adobe Acrobat Document 18.2 MB

Caller/Beamer/Inspection Desk

Latest setup for the new Caller.NET v1.9.5, suitable for inspection desk, final check-in, announcer and beamer.

With adjustable screen output size. Can be used in screen duplicate as well as extended screen mode.

Now with rounded corners for a nicer look.

Latest version includes additional option to show team-badge or state flag  instead of national flag.

Fixes issue with incorrect date validation in setup.

Fixed issue with incorrect team-badge shown for the HONG competitor

Updated with background image visible if selected.

Fully compatible with TaekoPlan v3.x and TaekoPlan v4.x

Completely new build.


For the caller to work properly, you may need to install the AccessDatabaseEngine 32 bits (see below).

Caller.NET v1.9.5 (upload 06-06-2024)
Remembers last selected date for a quick restart.
Added option to show notifications coming from TaekoPlan
Added fix for error in SQL when using german language
exe File 86.4 MB
Caller PDF manual
Complete manual to support you in getting started with the Caller module. Updated july 4th, 2022
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.9 MB

Poomsae Timetable

Separate add-on to provide info on a second screen about times and progress of poomsae categories during the day

Fixed some minor visual things to make it more readable.

Poomsae Beamer.NET v1.1.2 (Updated 07-03-2024)
exe File 12.3 MB

Poomsae Checkin

New module for checkin at Poomsae events. All competitors for a category will be inactive, unless they are checked in. On the court the operator can instantly see who is competing and who not.

Poomsae Checkin v1.1.0 (Updated 09-12-2022)
This module is free of charge for Poomsae scoreboard licensed users.
exe File 33.5 MB

TP4 Webserver

Latest update of the TP4 webserver (required for all communication with Daedo, KP&P, caller etc).
The webserver is now fully DPI-Aware.

This update has the newest component updates included.

Includes full communication with scoreboards for conventional, best-of-three and Para competitions

Use this stand-alone setup if you want to run the webserver on a separate laptop instead on the main central laptop where TaekoPlan is running.


For the webserver to work properly, you may need to install the AccessDatabaseEngine 32 bits (see below).

TP4_Webserver v1.9.5 (31-05-2024)
Latest webserver with the option to disable PSS action input when you have more than 10 fields and having problems with CPU usage.
Fixed small isue with handles not being closed properly causing the webserver to lag after some hours.
exe File 33.4 MB
TP4Webserver PDF manual
Complete manual to support you in getting started with TP4Webserver. Updated january 2nd, 2023
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.1 MB


Latest update of the TP4 RTDS (WT protocol).
Fixed issue with 10 courts+ where court 10 overwrote court 1 visually.

Fully DPI Aware!

Has the updates for the best-of-three competition format and supports Para.

Also now includes the option to use RTDS scalable in any size on your desktop or second screen.

Has now separate screen layouts for conventional, best-of-three and Para competitions

Is now 64 bits application.

Provides NDI output for the screen.

Also added court offset so you can just show the courts needed.

New feature is link-through RTDS, which means that you can link a next RTDS to this one, and after that another.

You can create a chain of RTDS displays through the venue.

TP4 WT RTDS v2.5.0 (21-04-2023)
exe File 59.6 MB
WT RTDS PDF manual
Complete manual to support you in getting started with WT RTDS. Updated december 30th, 2022
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.3 MB


Weighin.NET v1.8.1 (11-04-2024)
Fixed issue with thousand separator in ID causing the athlete not to be recognized
Added extended weighin information for each competitor to TaekoPlan.
Updated software with a Fix for KERN series weighin scales. Sometimes system crashed on receiving data.
Latest setup for the Weighin add-on for automated weighin connected to TaekoPlan.
Updated for use with Cadets new WT rules for length and weight check.
Added functionality to use QRCode scanner for reading ID's
Added KERN weigh-in scale to list. Communication protocol also added.
Fixed several smaller issues which caused the weighin program not to function properly.
Added new weighin scale (KERN).
Fixed issue with overview of competitors giving an error

New: added license validation for each installed instance of the program
This is the new weighin version built in .NET
Latest change is a new skin (Metro Blue)
Updated export for TaekoPlan when using zipfile instead of network connection.
According to new rules for seniors no margin (
TaekoPlan Weighin.NET.exe
exe File 44.2 MB
Weighin PDF manual
Complete manual to support you in getting started with the weighin module. Updated february 16th, 2022
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.4 MB


BudoScore Kyorugi Scoreboard v6.3.3 (15/03/2019)
The scoreboard for use without electronics... Latest development are the tablets instead of adidas ESM's or the older BudoScore boxes which are not being sold anymore.

Fixes in 6.3.0:

- Golden Point round configurable if not connected to TaekoPlan
exe File 36.0 MB

Poomsae Scoreboard

Added check on validity on scores entered. Invalid score can not be processed anymore.

Added option to use category groups as created in your TaekoPlan event.

Fixed issue where compulsory forms were not shown when for example both DAN and KUP had compulsory forms entered.

Fixed issue with second screen showing corrupted layout sometimes

Fixed issue where the scoreboard did not close down properly but needed to be killed in the task manager

Added second screen as NDI device to be able to broadcast it over the network.

The newest version of the scoreboard for use with adidas ESM's or tablets.

This version has separate library for the country flags as well as latest component updates.

Latest version fixes some minor issues as well as the live update due to an abandoned server

All the output screens for the second monitor are now correctly aligned/resizable on 16:9 size screens (1280x720 or 1920x1080)

Adds option to see all tablet battery levels in TaekoPlan

BudoScore Poomsae Scoreboard .NET v1.7.4 (07-03-2024)
exe File 39.2 MB

Android apps

BudoScore Kyorugi for Android v1.19
The latest APK to be used together with the BudoScore scoreboard.
Fully configurable for all buttons.

A license is required for this app to work.
apk File 2.1 MB
BudoScore Poomsae Android v1.90
Latest update for the Poomsae tablet software for Android. Compatible with Android 12 OS and lower.
Update scoring options for Para competition to be compliant with new rules
Adds PARA as separate scoring option (two screens for accuracy and presentation). Compliant with WT rules.
This version fixes the incorrect showing of competitor and teamnames (special characters).
Also adds a 'Reset scores' button in online mode.

Added name of competitor to score entry screen
Added new input screen for freestyle technique
Improved reconnecting mechanism in case WIFI drops
Added option to set maximum brightness level to improve battery life

A license is required for this app to work.
apk File 2.2 MB
Caller for Android 2.0
The Caller as Android App. Easily scroll through the matches on a court and check a competitor in or use the app for an announcer. You can select the court or let the App rotate through all the courts (configurable timing).
The app scales perfectly on all sorts of device, either tablets or phones.
apk File 19.1 MB


Latest hitlevels for Daedo GEN1 and GEN2 and KP&P
The database with the latest EBP hitlevels (body and head) for Daedo GEN1 and GEN2 and KP&P



- Pupils (20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,+36)
- Miniors (24,27,30,33,36,40,44,48,52,+52)

Daedo and KP&P:

- Cadets (WT standard)
- Juniors (WT Standard)
- Seniors (WT Standard)
Microsoft Access Database 300.0 KB
Latest hitlevels for KP&P
Documents with the hotlevels for KP&P since 2019 (no kgF)
Adobe Acrobat Document 229.4 KB
New hitlevels for KP&P (2022) with KgF
Documents with the hitlevels for KP&P since 2022 (not yet officially recognized by WT)
KPNP Hit_Level_WT(kgf)_20221023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 63.2 KB

The following files may be necessary to install in case you use Windows 10 and want to import Excel files.
It is due to the missing database engine in Windows 10.

AccessDatabaseEngine 32 bits
Might be required when you get an error message 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is missing or not registered', This is the 32 bits version.
TaekoPlan v4 also requires this engine to work properly.
exe File 25.3 MB
AccessDatabaseEngine 64 bits
Might be required when you get an error message 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is missing or not registered', This is the 64 bits version.
exe File 27.3 MB

If the installation fails, run the EXE as shown in the screenshot. Open a CMD box and go to the file folder. This will run the file without error notifications and will be installed succesfully.
This example is for the 64 bits version, but it is the same procedure for the 32 bits version.


For more info check this link.



Zip files

Below some tournaments which you can import with the Zip Utility. You can use them as test events, to learn TaekoPlan.
Initialize them by selecting Active tournament / management / Initialize...

Then the tournament only has competitors and you can start from scratch.
Do NOT unpack the Zip file outside TaekoPlan as you will not be able to use it!


Open Challenge Cup March 2018
A nice event to get used to TaekoPlan with 600 competitors
tn-68_040320181802_{Open Challenge Cup K
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 4.1 MB
Turkish Open Poomsae 2018
An excellent event to learn how Poomsae is setup and working. Combined with the Poomsae Scoreboard 1.4.3
tn-24_140220181547_{5th Turkish Open Tae
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 94.2 MB
Balkan Taekwondo Championships Poomsae 2017
A smaller event, but still very interesting to learn TaekoPlan and Poomsae
tn-87_101120171611_{Balkan Taekwondo Cha
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.1 MB
Luxembourg Open 2017
One of the many G1 tournaments in Europe from 2017.
Get used to the specifics of a Gx event.
tn-32_110620171643_{Luxembourg Open 2017
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 33.2 MB
Polish Open and Warsaw Cup 2017
A good event to test TaekoPlan functionality. Over 1100 competitors over two days.
tn-44_170920172119_{24th Polish Open and
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 55.2 MB
Helsingborg Open 2020
A perfect event to test the functionality of TaekoPlan v4. NOT compatible with v3!
tn-14_230220201537_{Helsingborg Open 202
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 35.6 MB