It is possible to use TaekoPlan to organize events which are not covered by your license.

A license is always restricted to the club/federation that it has been bought for.


If you want to run tournaments as TaekoPlan Support we can provide a contract which includes fair conditions.




You will pay an initial fee for purchasing the partnership license. And for each tournament you will pay a fee to TaekoPlan for the usage of the software. The tournament fee, what you are asking to the organization is not important in this case and is up to you to decide.

We will never force you to ask a minimum price as long as you pay the fee we agreed on.

To establish this partnership, you will need to buy a copy of the software which will be licensed for all add-ons.

You are obliged to provide us all information for any tournament you are planning to run as it might interfere with an offer we made for the same event.



If you want more information, please contact