The follow federations/clubs in below mentioned countries are currently using our software:


Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Poland, Austria, Spain,

Russia, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel,

Luxemburg, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Latvia, Albania,

Czech Republic, Thailand, Indonesia, Saoudi Arabia,

Turkey, Romania, Albania, Cyprus, Peru, Canada, USA, Madagascar, Nigeria


And this year we are running the major G1 tournaments in:

Austria,  Poland, Russia, Serbia, Turkey....


And a lot of G1's are done by federations themselves.

TaekoPlan has been sold in over 51 countries by federations and clubteams.


In total currently 259 licenses have been sold


For detailed pricing information for your specific federation or club, please contact us.


All prices include:

- Free email support

- Two remote training sessions 

- Free updates upto the next major release.


For enhanced support contracts, please contact


Enhanced support contracts could include:

- Extra support by phone

- More training options, like on-site

- Extended updates, even new major versions

How to update

The current version is 3.x, first release May 1st, 2017.

The upgrade from v2.04 to v3.00 is available for Euro 79,-. excl. 21% Dutch VAT for licensed users with a version equal to or higher than 2.00.


A lot of fixes and new functionality has been applied.

See the update info for a list of changes/fixes!


As this is a new release, please make a backup of your previous version in case you have to revert to that version.

It is always recommended to upgrade to a new major version by downloading the new setup which is available in the downloads section.

Minor updates can be applied by using the live-update feature in TaekoPlan.


After downloading, you don't have to uninstall your previous version. Your data will remain intact. Just run the new setup.

Because of the changed multi language feature, you will need to acquire a new license for the language you specify, if you have an existing version lower then 1.9.


If you have a lower version, it's not recommended to just upgrade, as you will definitely get a large amount of errors due to missing components.