Anyone who wants to subscribe competitors or officials can create an account, which will be activated through email reply.


You can subscribe o­n any available tournament, which is shown with full details. You will get authorized by the tournament organization.


Enter all of your competitors, officials and remarks. All details are sychronized with tournament details coming from TaekoPlan.

Even hotel and flight information can be entered.


Tournament admin:


Upload your tournament from the program

With an admin account, created through TaekoPlan, you can administer the tournament

Get a real time overview of competitors and officials

Download the whole list straight into your tournament and you can start!


Find below some screenshots of the site. The website is fully themable.


The subscription site is sold as an additional module for TaekoPlan o­n a yearly licensed base. Compared to the time needed to enter your competitors, the pricing will surprise you! Furthermore, any responsibility for spelling and typing errors will be returned to the subscriber itself.


If you don't have TaekoPlan, you can also use the subscription site. You can purchase a license to enter your tournaments linking them through to for example another subscription site.

Please send us an email if you are interested.


As administrator you have all the rights to add/remove and change details of competitors and officials for any team that applied for your tournament.

Did you know that you can subscribe to use the TPSS website for your own tournaments also?

Tournaments not necessarily created with TaekoPlan software, but any tournament you wish to have internet subscription for.


If you are interested, please read the following:


A subscription for using TPSS for an unlimited no. of tournaments per year costs Euro 159,-.

Customers in the European Union without valid business VAT no. will be added 21% Dutch VAT.

This is a one time fee per year. Subscription will be prolonged for the next year unless stopped before the end of the current year.

You do NOT pay per competitor, so usage of TPSS is much more convenient and cheaper than other solutions!

You can also use TPSS for one tournament. The costs for a single tournament subscription are Euro 109,- (plus 21% dutch VAT if applicable).

Both options are cheap solutions and will take away a lot of extra manual work you might normall have during the subscription phase for your tournaments.


It is not depending on the no. of competitors, 100, 500, 1000 does not make a difference.


We can offer you different formats of output:


- The standard output for TaekoPlan import

- XML output in a pre-defined format which can be downloaded as separate files for competitors and officials

- CSV output in a pre-defined format, also available for competitors and officials.

- Simplycompete compatible output!


And you are administrator for your own tournaments!


So you will receive the rights to administer the whole subscription process, you can add, change, remove competitors, teams and make changes to basic settings like subscription close, visibility of certain information, license information etc.

If you are interested, please contact us as We can provide you all information.

The subscription process can be settled within one day after receiving the first payment.




One very important statement regarding the use of TPSS for your tournaments:

Only federations and clubs allowed and approved by their governing bodies are entitled to promote their tournaments on TPSS.

TPSS will never be in the middle of any discussion arising from publishing a tournament and in case problems occur,

TPSS has the right to deactivate a tournament instantly without prior notice.

Any tournament to be published is only accepted when approved by the governing body, i.e. a National Federation, World Taekwondo or World Taekwondo Europe.

It is the clear responsibility of the organizing club/federation to have this checked before requesting the right to have

a tournament published.


Last update: March 22nd, 2021.