Software and add-ons


TaekoPlan is the tool for competition management. It has several add-ons to make it a full package to use for any Taekwondo tournament.

TaekoPlan supports both Kyorugi and Poomsae according to the official WT rules.

It supports fully automated processing with Daedo and KPNP PSS software.



PDF Manual of TaekoPlan v4.x
The full PDF manual to support you using TaekoPlan.
Adobe Acrobat Document 12.7 MB


The Caller is an add-on for TaekoPlan to show the next upcoming 4 fights for each court at the inspection desk and final checkin.

It can also be used for an announcer and to beam the info on a large screen (projector).


Caller.NET is the latest update, completely rewritten, faster and more stable in the network.

Weighin Module

 The weighin module connects to 4 brands/types of weighin scales. It can be connected to TaekoPlan to automate the weighin process.

Poomsae Beamer

The poomsae beamer enables you to provide realtime information about the categories and the actual starting times during the day. it shows the progress of the categories, the next competitor to start and the updated time table.

Realtime Display

A display to show the current status of any fight on any court. Needs a connection with either daedo or KP&P scoreboard system and use of the WT protocol for communication.

Also embedded as module in TaekoPlan: the internal scoreboard monitor to see all the courts in a small popup. Also live status using the same connection as the RTDS.