Overview of updates:




1. Added vestsizes in time table

2. Update tariff entry and checked correct output

3. Removed old Daedo 4 and 12 versions. Daedo Truescore and TKStrike supported

4. Updated competitor list on screen

5. Implemented Poomsae elimination or combination of cut-off and elimination.

6. Updated Poomsae scoreboard to v5.0

7. Fixed issue with kyorugi and Poomsae for the same competitor

8. Fixed issue with formsize of accreditation entry

9. Updated timetable to reflect new Poomsae options

10. Updated Poomsae Beamer module

11. Replaced 'SDP' by 'GDP' (sudden death to Golden point)

12. Updated weighin module to show numbers per category group

13. Fix: if column was to be removed and was part of index, the column could not be removed.

14. Poomsae: added bonus/malus points for Para Poomsae

15. Ranking (123) is now combined for Kyorugi and all poomsae forms. No need to select different poomsae type in topbar of screen

16. Update Liveupdate to get rid of the caching problems. Should now always be able to download updates.

17. Improved Checkprize in competitor management for faster searching

18. Fixed: issue with poomsae time table. After scrolling sometimes wrong category was selected although mouse pointed to the correct one.

19. Added error messages to Daedo TKstrike output if roundtimes or no. of rounds is missing. 

20. Update barcode input for weighin scan to 4 digits.

21. Fixed WTF g1 output filename, tournamentname was not separated from standard file outputname part.

22. Updated function to decide which menu options to show in main menu.

23. Fixed wrong index 'Tarief' in competitor entry.

24. Added missing english translations

25. Update Video replay report and video replay sheet to version 2017

26. Update Juryform to version 2017

27. Fixed size issue with basic tournament settings screen (update button on bottom)

28. Fixed tariff seek function

29. All printed output has centered headers

30. Fixed issue with competitor overview showing freestyle participation if not

31. Fixed issue with competitors per category not showing correctly.

32. Fixed two issues in DB creation which caused the fields to be removed and recreated all the time

33. Fixed invalid procedure call error in fight schedule when called from timetable

34. Added Daedo GEN2 vestsizes to compact scheme

35. Invalid procedure call error in Fightschedule fixed.

36. Added missing icons in menubar for schedules and search.

37. Fixed issue with not showing vestsizes at all in time table.

38. Fixed a small issue in the timetable not showing any colors

39. Fixed ugly typo which caused a new competitor not to be put in the category instantly after entering his/her details. The message çhanges have been undone' appeared.

40. Fixed small issue in administration for missing index.

41. Updated court partitioning to provide correct vestsize for Daedo GEN1 or GEN2.

42. Update all document names to english and also renamed drawsheets with day of week

43. New: courtpartitioning based on vestsizes. Select age category or vestsizes to create the court partitioning. Combine courts for better division.

44. Fixed some minor visual issues with poomsae results module. Due to removing some unnecessary columns.

45. Changed main menu structure for accreditations, layouts and Video replay

46. In the timetable initiating drag/drop of a fight is now delayed for one second to avoid unwanted moves.

47. Removed unnecessary options in seeding module if not using WTF/Taekwondodata seeding.

48. Renamed all 'Sparring' to 'Kyorugi' for international naming

49. Added: Reset printstatus for juryforms to enable new batch run

50. Fix for not working GDP with Daedo interface

51. Fixed translation errors

52. Fix: print status reset only resets for the selected date, instead of all

53. New; option in timetable to send notification to TPSS Live results

54. Renamed rankin and graphical drawsheets  for the day they are printed

55. Corrected vestsize and hitlevel for generation 1 and 2 for daedo on jurypaper

56. Changed layoutfolder in settings would not be active until next restart. Fixed.

57. Several layout changes in TPSS to work properly with TP 3.0

58. Added USB Barcode scanner support. By adding a barcode on an accreditation,

TP redirect you directly to the competitor details after scanning.

59. Barcodescanner type can be selected in basic settings tab 'Barcodereader'

60. Update Taekoplan.pdf help and imcluded the link to this file in the Help menu.

61: Fixed some issues with search photo option for accreditations. Scrollbar was not visible for the right part.

62. Overall classification did not provide output after uipdate. Has been fixed

63. Using Microsoft Speech API for output of spoken texts during draw of lots

64. Added TaekoPlan PDF Shortcut to menubar on top for quick access

65. Fixed issue when changing a linked class (linked to dan/kupgrades) and combining to

another catergory. The competitor would automaticall change back to the correct class without being 

switched for the category again.

66. Fixed translation error 'Hoofdmenu'

67. Added moved fight to the already existing additional fights overview.

68. Fixed issue with not being able to delete an object in the layour designer

69. Added FreeImage library to convert png, bmp and gif on the fly to JPG. 

This format is needed for the accreditations.

70. Added new properties for barcode width, height and format (type) in the layout designer.

71. Updated weighin view in which you activate/deactivate competitors in a fast manner.

It is now synchronized with the weighin process list.

72. Update Video Replay Quota to the new rules for 2017 (one VR quota per round)

73. Fixed small issue with USB barcodescanner not starting

74. Fix for fight for 3rd/4th place. Info sent to daedo was rejected due to '/' in the phase name.

75: Added WTF Draw for schedules between 65 en 128. This was hot topic due to Presidents Cup.

76. Added print selection option in competitorlist

77. Fixed issue with check prizes not working in competitor entry module

78. Overview avaibale categories sometimes showed 'none'. Fixed.

79. Added number of competitors and active vomp to the weightclasses list in competitor entry.

80. Updates statistics module layout

81. Updated ' Setup courts'  module to be resizable

82. Minimizes Webserver after start

83. Added status inspection desk as 'C' and 'H' in realtime time table

84. Added active fight in timetable with colour green

85. Added finished fight in timetable with colour magenta.

86. Click on playername in bottom timetable module will now show player details.

87. Added category without weight to certificate data options

88. Update Caller module to be one solution for Announcer, beamer and Inspection.

89. Added Start character for Barcode scanning in basic settings.

90. Added fight info to new competitor info screen

91: Small fix for changing classes at competitor entry and an error message

92: Fix for small issue with missing field in central database.

93: Fixed issue with weightclasses and no show of the list.

94. Update tournament selection module

95. Fixing major issues iwith memory stack. Version is stable again, but some 

minor issues to be cleared.

96. Fixed memory leaks which caused modules not to work properly

97: Fixed issue with printing, error or not printing at all.

98: Fixed SQL issue for the statistics

99. Fixed issue with not showing Daedo GEN2 on the accreditations




1. Fix for Poomsae in a two day event. date could not be selected for the categories.




1. Fix for Poomsae if import from Simplycompete did not provide valid pair or teamnumbers.




1. Fixed several issues with Poomsae and combination of elimination and cut-off and split categories.




1. Fix for not creating poomsae result records when planning manually




1. Fix for no. of categories in drawsheet printout. Was limited to 50.

2. Upgraded several components to newer versions

3. Improved handling of finished matches in poomsae elimination.




1. Added final weigtinlist option, with realtime weights plus date/time stamp.

2. Fixed issue that checking a competitors'weight would overwrite date/time stamp of 

automatic weighin.




1. Update World Taekwondo logo on selected reports




1. Licensing update to request a new license when updating to version 3




1. Updated field names from SimplyCompete import. Changed once again...




1. Fixed licensing issue




1. Fixed issue with uploading a new event to TPSS; double internetid's could be

created and overwrite earlier tournaments. Check is built in to avoid this.




1. Fix for not showing trophy results for individual poomsae. Existed after the newly

built in elimination system for poomsae




1. Updated Daedo/KPP box to work with it's category. Instead of using the main

category group you can select the category group to use with Daedo/KPP.

This enables you to draw for a second group while running the first.




1. In court partitioning the total no. of fight per court and the time needed are now on top of the view.

Otherwise with a lot of categories you had to scroll up and down.




1. Added extra fixed rows to leave the header in the same position without scrolling up.




1. Small fix to lock keyboard entry in the newly created pulldown for Daedo and KPP.




1. Fix for not being able to drag and drop categories in court partitioning




1. Fix for not showing category groups in KP&P interface




1. Fix for no. of categories exceeding program limit (140+)




1. Fix for court partitioning where output of planning was not as planned

2. Fix for not having the last category in the courtplanning calculated for time and no. of fights.




1. Translation 'Toevoegen' in competitor entry

2. Fix drag and drop error in court partitioning




1. Fix for not having set the EBP in Setup courts for each court. Court partitioning would fail with an error




1. Fix for result list for Poomsae cut-off system where no's 3 and 4 were mentioned

when using shared 3rd place. It should be 3 and 3. Is corrected.




1. Added two fields to Simplycompete import to make it compatible/usable for

normal non G1 tournaments. Added Class and Dangrade for import.




1. Small fix for classes for competitor import.




1. Added option to clear categories for date selection in two or more day event.




1. Several fixes for systems crashes when not using any scoreboard connection

like daedo or KP&P or Budoscore.




1. Updated URL for TPSS.EU website (https://)

2. New: TaekoPlan can now handle draws upto 256 competitors. previous limit was 128.

All schemes on the screen and paper are working fine.




1. Fix for courtpartitioning over more than 1 court. The other court totals were two line higher.

2. Changed the categories per date view to use chckboxes instead of line select.




1. Fixed issue with planning on 3 courts.

2. Replaced 'ER' in timetable with 'R1', 'R2' etc to get a better overview

3. Added federation license no. to the list of available database fields for layout creation

4. Added federation license field in competitor list

5. Added option in Simplycompete import to compare on existing name or GAL id.




1. Fixed input length issue with GAL id in competitor entry




1. Slight changes to layout of timetable

2. Removed date selection in timetable

3. Added option in timetable to move range of fights

4. Replaced province by city in competitor management

5. Added two fields to allow 'Final check' in Caller module

6. Added new weighin scale 'CAS PB' in weighin module

7. Added option to print barcode as ID, GAL or Federation license number




1. Fixed issue with tournament logo not showing on output

2. Fixed issue with pictures not always showing with different regional settings

3. Added Daedo logo top left to show/hide the Daedo courts on the main screen




1. Added A5 jurypaper with only data to be printed on a pre-printed empty jurypaper.




1. Fixed bug when you want to print accreditation without picture. Solved.




1. Added city of the team of the competitor to the selection list for creating a layout




1. Added some 'city'  entries for turkish version

2. Added Excel export to overview in process weighin list

3. Fixed issue with VR quota not being updated after each round

4. Changed name order to firstname surname instead of surname, firstname

5. Changed result format to show name of competitor before teamname in turkish version.

6. Updated weighin to allow single enter to accept weight

7. Added city information to caller module

8. Update live results to show round number instead of 'Preliminary'

9. Fixed issue with XML upload to TPSS containing special foreign characters

10. For the updated TPSS website you need to use a new mySQL driver 5.3.

It is included in the latest setup but you can also install it separately.

You can download it from the FTP://taekoplan.nl site.




1. Fix for importing real weight with disconnected weighin




1. Fixed WTE logo on output




1. Added extra info to stand-alone weighin export to avoid issues with changed weightclasses




1. Corrected old WTF logo on drawsheets with new one when running Gx event.

2, Added restore of default access zones for officials and accreditations

3. Added error handler for creation of new TPSS id to avoid looping (freeze)

4. Fixed issue that GAL en GOL were saved with the underscore character included




1. Fixed issue with recalculate time in timetable when first match was moved.

2. Fixed issue with drag drop of fights in poomsae elimination system




1. Fix for shared third place. First mentioned 3rd place is loser against winner of

weightclass, second mentioned 3rd place is loser against losing finalist.

2. Added option to choose between A4 fully printed and A5 data driven juryform.

Select this in the print/lists/juryform module.




1. Unchecked the 'use A5 template for juryforms' by default.




1. Fixed issue with poomsae events created in v2 and used in v3. There were issues with

categories and results.