v1.2.1 (03-04-2020)

Fixed issue where table fields would not be changed for size if required

v1.2.0 (02-04-2020)

Official release; all year references updated to 2020

v1.1.30.20 (01-04-2020)

Replaced all message notification boxes by a new procedure which will add a header to the message if not applied and also will properly translate

the newline marker in the text to be a visible newline.

Fixed three missing translations in all languages

v1.1.30.19 (31-03-2020)

Fixed issue where seeding list was not visible (dutch language)

Blocked repachage for categories with more then 32 competitors

v1.1.30.18 (30-03-2020)

Added some german translations

Updated paths in menu options in layout designer to show the current paths (templates and layouts)

v1.1.30.17 (30-03-2020)

Added 'Cancel download' button to live update to stop transfer and continue with the program

Added percentage counter in the progressbar

v1.1.30.16 (30-03-2020)

Fixed translation of 'Toernooidatum' in graphical scheme

Checked and corrected if required graphical scheme for repachage

Changed certificate place naming and updated them for new languages

v1.1.30.15 (28-03-2020)

Update spanish translation (thanks to mr. Kay Rodriguez)

Update portuguese translation (thanks to ms. Natália Falavigna)

Fixed layout issues with round robin scheme print

v1.1.30.14 (26-03-2020)

Fixed incorrect count in court partitioning when using repachage

Fixed issue where fights not planned in repachage

Added notifications in statusbar for RTDS, callerdata and Excel export running. Removed progressbar and barcode notification

v1.1.30.13 (25-03-2020)

Update Video Replay Sheet according to new WT protocol

v1.1.30.12 (25-03-2020)

Added some more error handling to find issue why live update is failing

Corrected bug where blanc juryform could not be printed

Fixed issue with error 3265 when creating a new event

v1.1.30.11 (24-03-2020)

Updated country selection throughout program to be able to add more languages easily

All overviews show country-names in the selected local language

v1.1.30.10 (24-03-2020)

Added Turkish language to TaekoPlan and reporting.

Complete gone through double elimination (repachage) and working fine

v1.1.30.9 (22-03-2020)

Added some additional error handling for downloading and installing live update. If it fails it should not crash.

v1.1.30.8 (21-03-2020)

Update repachage (double elimination) for correct output in fight sheme

Added Spanish, French and Portuguese as languages. All these three need to be verified and corrected were possible.

v1.1.30.7 (19-03-2020)

Update match_summary output for WT for 3/4th place. Also fixed output if final was not completed

Added new report for entries per NOC with 16 weightclasses. The default WT output is for 8 weightclasses (olympic)

Added the continent of a country to the country table.

v1.1.30.6 (18-03-2020)

Updated WT protocol drawsheet output for 3rd/4th place. Not yet confirmed in protocol, but visible on TP4 output.

Also added fix for final not being competed (like in Panam Olympic Qualification for Tokyo 2020)

v1.1.30.5 (18-03-2020)

Fixed issue where losing semi-finalists were not moved to fight for 3/4 place

Improved handling of results. t took a long time for processing due to a programming bug. Now it is done within a second.

Added option in basic settings to switch fightschedule module to normal mode; due to a bug in the scrollbars when using floating windows,

the fightschedule could not be scrolled up/down or left/right. This is a workaround for the time being

v1.1.30.4 (13-03-2020)

Added option to layout designer to use richtext format. Fully featured text editor integrated.

Fixed issue where you could only add one label or other object. Adding the same object again forced the user to select another type first.

v1.1.30.3 (12-03-2020)

Corrected issue where fight for 3/4 place was nt visible in the fight schedule

v1.1.30.2 (12-03-2020)

Updated WT protocol drawsheets. Centered fights on layour and created more space

v1.1.30.1 (11-03-2020)

Added entries per NOC report for WT protocol. Only available for Seniors

Updated CSV output form match and summary to be fully compliant with WT Protocol

Updated uniform category naming according to WT protocol

v1.1.30.0 (09-03-2020)

Created non-blocking threads for RTDS display and second optional output (identical forwarding of PSS output)

Created non-blocking threads for providing callerdata and excel output

Changed the way the PSS scoreboard data is visualized

Changed the localhost address format for RTDS.

v1.1.29.15 (08-03-2020)

Made live results option available. Completely running in the background without disturbing frontend processes

Added color legend to processing weighin results module to make clear what the grid colors mean

v1.1.29.14 (08-03-2020)

Fixed statistics module; some data was not correct.

Added print option for statistics

v1.1.29.13 (08-03-2020)

Reverted saving of data back to the registry instead of XML file. That caused problems with different processes opening the file at the same time.

For example printing is now possible again with multiple viewers open.

Added translations for standard and olympic texts in age categories module

Known bug: court partitioning does not work correctly

v1.1.29.12 (07-03-2020)

Fixed several error messages in timetable which blocked smooth processing

Change fightschedule module to a hosted one to avoid error in the onshown procedure

v1.1.29.11 (07-03-2020)

Fixed translation which caused competitor activation after weighin to fail

v1.1.29.10 (06-03-2020)

Improved startup with windows on bottom; still not fully correct

Fixed issue with printing juryforms per court; syntax error in query

v1.1.29.9 (06-03-2020)

Fixed behavior of selecting competition date per category. The boxes were selected even if not yet any date was selected

Updated translation in category wizard

Fixed pulldown contents in manual adjustment planning

v1.1.29.8 (06-03-2020)

Fixed issue with retrieving ranking points for olympic.

Also needed to fix ranking points inport due to changed output format from Simplycompete

v1.1.29.7 (06-03-2020)

Added code to identify "o;?" start of csv file as provided by simplycompete. Will be removed to be able to import correctly

Fixed issue where scoreboard settings could not be entered when a new event was created.

v1.1.29.6 (05-03-2020)

Added button to weighlist module to select all categories, classes and gender

Fixed module for scoreboard settings not opening

v1.1.29.5 (05-03-2020)

Changed main background picture and added margins to it

Changed translation in dangrades module

Added option in scoreboard settings to allow or disallow point gap for each category in semifinals and finals

In competitors per category combine option now properly shows with one active competitor (instead of just one competitor)

v1.1.29.4 (05-03-2020)

For individual categories, the name and team are switched on the ranking output

Timetable was not automatically refreshed after a result came in. Has been corrected

v1.1.29.3 (05-03-2020)

If a module would be positioned in the left top corner, it will automatically position itself in the screen center.

Any change after that will be saved

In the WT protocol webserver the GAL id was extended with the text 'ID_' in front. This caused the Daedo interface to fail.

The matches loaded, but could not be started.

v1.1.29.2 (04-03-2020)

Fixed resizing issue with main screen

Added separate thread for sending live results to avoid blocking main interface

v1.1.29.1 (03-03-2020)

Fixed major issue with shifted pictures of officials on accreditations

Fixed some small issues after switching to XML for saving settings

v1.1.29.0 (02-03-2020)

All settings are now saved in an XML file in the application folder. Registry is not used anymore.

This solves access issues

Default theme is now Metro

v1.1.28.9 (02-03-2020)

After last update everytime v4 was started, the active folder needed to be entered. Solved

v1.1.28.8 (02-03-2020)

When the startup folder is not available/reachable, the user will be required to change to an existing folder to be able to continue

v1.1.28.7 (01-03-2020)

Added functionality to use the new WT protocol also for events where no GAL is involved.

Fixed combine issue where age category contents was not shown anymore ans so the weightclass.

v1.1.28.6 (29-02-2020)

Fixed fightno's per team. Date format issue

Fixed issue where compulsory forms in poomsae could not be copied between male and female

Added option to open more than one viewer window at the same time

Running combine option now saved competitor's data before starting the combine

Changed save/combine action to one button-action. If saved,check is done for combining as next step

Fixed several translations in competitor management module

v1.1.28.5 (28-02-2020)

Fixed combine issue for poomsae

Added menu option to module for entering compulsory forms for cut-off to show poomsae form names

Fixed all translations for combining competitors

v1.1.28.4 (28-02-2020)

Fixed major issue with WT match and summary reporting. Output is now correct.

Updated controls to latest version

Moved project to Visual Studio 2019

v1.1.28.3 (28-02-2020)

Fixed issue with courts: error message

v1.1.28.2 (27-02-2020)

Updated all modules to revert to default culture (language) when starting. This should solve the switching language issue

Fixed error in WT summary output where some competitors were not shown.

Added option to block actions from PSS if it is not required to process them (no local scoreboard, no RTDS)

v1.1.28.1 (25-02-2020)

Finally fixed the non translated forms in the application. Translations were available but not visible.

v1.1.28.0 (25-02-2020)

Fixes issue when creating a new tournament that default countries, functions, age categories and teams were not imported.

Changed category for layour printing to comply with fullname standard

v1.1.27.13 (25-02-2020)

Updated report for poomsae individual participation

If importing more than once from TPSS, a poomsae tabel was not cleared properly, leaving more than one record per competitor (instead of expected 1)

v1.1.27.12 (25-02-2020)

Fixed team label printing

v1.1.27.11 (25-02-2020)

During creation of layouts the vertical size increased by 3 mm every time the layout was opened.

This caused the format to get beyond the A6 print format and produce an empty page.

v1.1.27.10 (25-02-2020)

Fixed layout printing for smaller formats like A6

Fixed WT CSV output

v1.1.27.9 (23-02-2020)

Fixed several issues for running poomsae properly.

v1.1.27.8 (22-02-2020)

Fixed issue where properties of a selected object were not shown in the layout editor

Fixed several translations

Fixed issue where Daedo scoreboard did not load a second time

v1.1.27.7 (21-02-2020)

Fix for printing copies when requested. Only one copy was printed at any time

Fixed issue with WT protocol communication.

Fixed issue with showing start of match in timetable

Improved speed of building up timetable

Background printing now working properly

Juryforms provided 10 copies; fixed

Fixed prize matrix and competitor matrix output

v1.1.27.6 (20-02-2020)

Fixed error when manually adjusting fight schedule; second round was incorrectly adjusted

Viewer is now a hosted window. Can be moved to the background

Fixed .1 fights for scoreboard system (Daedo or KP&P)

Fixed margins for background printing

Moved buttons in viewer as they would be hidden under printername

Redone code for handling webserver requests from scoreboard system

Forced uppercase for GAL license number in competitor manager module

Checking weighin checkboxes fores save button to be active

Fixed datum issue in headers several reports

Fixed issue where an incomplete category name would stop full showing of the main screen

Added option to select competitor details from weighin overview list

v1.1.27.5 (17-02-2020)

Fixed issue with correct roundtime in Daedo WT protocol

Fixed empty birthday issue crashing WT protocol data

Slow search for officials fixed

Added teams with only officials to teamlist in officials module

Corrected searchfolder for layouts for officials

Correct daedo/kpp scoreboard output to go to 12 courts

v1.1.27.4 (16-02-2020)

Fixed printing preview in viewer. Now correctly showing paperformat in viewer

Changed margins to mm instead of inches. Increments by 1

Removed deletion of teamlist records when there were no competitors linked to a coach

v1.1.27.3 (15-02-2020)

If an accreditation was printed without photo, the placeholder was visible

v1.1.27.2 (15-02-2020)

Fixed missing / in pathname for accreditations when setup from layout module

When used as accreditation program, the menu is instantly updated for that functionality

v1.1.27.1 (14-02-2020)

Fix for incorrect changing of age category while changing weightclass

Added option to make TaekoPlan a single accreditation program as feature in the license for the software

v1.1.27.0 (14-02-2020)

You are able to add accreditations and official cards

Using functions and zones.

Fixed position of viewer module; did not come back on same position on the screen

v1.1.26.15 (14-02-2020)

Update seeding module to only show categories which have seeding set in age categories

v1.1.26.14 (14-02-2020)

Fixed small issue with zones on accreditation cards. All zones were shown and not just the selected ones

Added option to open more viewer windows at the same time.

Initially the first window was closed to view a second print, even before it could be printed.

v1.1.26.13 (14-02-2020)

Checked again for correct footer to be 2020. All corrected.

v1.1.26.12 (13-02-2020)

Fixed issue showing the correct numbers for active and non-active when chaning class or age category in competitor management

Updated report footer year to 2020

v1.1.26.11 (13-02-2020)

Rewritten combin action for competitor. Should be more stable

v1.1.26.10 (13-02-2020)

Fixed some translations

Updated multi-language engine

v1.1.26.9 (13-02-2020)

Removed weight entry box from competitor management

Fixed combining based on weightclass

v1.1.26.8 (12-02-2020)

Fixed bug where link classes in dangrades module were incorrectly linked although empty

Fully tested and fixed combine for changing classes and age categories and gender

Updated category description in sparring listbox in competitor management to reflect correct make-up

Added update for weightclass numbers in weightclass pulldown

Added setting in basic tournament settings, tab 'Settings' to enable or disable showing of class in the category fullname.

If you have just A-Class, it is not necessary to show it.

v1.1.26.7 (12-02-2020)

Fixed bug when changing class for a competitor and not being able to move him/her to another category

Fixed handlers pointing to specific procedures not being triggered when on atabpage

v1.1.26.6 (11-02-2020)

Fixed not printing of jurypapers after entering a result

Competitor manager will now preserve the tab where it was left. So going to a next competitor will give the same tab (e.g. weighin) focus

Fixed 'item not found in this colelction' during initialize of a tournament

v1.1.26.5 (11-02-2020)

Fix for instant update of timetable after entering a result

Bug fix: Procedure 'New' from the main window was called every time the main window was referenced. This is not correct.

Took time and switched the theme to office black (default)

Faster closure of module windows

Added option to show or not show webserver data. Not showing will reduce processing time; show will make it easy to debug if required

Tested printing of jurypapers; all working. Auto-printing after each fight not yet tested fully.

v1.1.26.4 911-02-2020)

Fixed crash after confirmation of result entry

v1.1.26.3 (10-02-2020)

Added new scoreboards in taekoPlan to make upto 12 courts

Added second RTDS output URL/port

Fixed issue with result entry

Added flag for RTA (Refugees)

Succesfully tested Daedo WT protocol input/output

Fixed roundtimes WT protocol (were 15 seconds less than expected)

v1.1.26.2 (10-02-2020)

Fixed double built-up for fightschedule and disposing of controls now better

Fixed 'no more tables' error in timetable (to be tested)

v1.1.26.1 (05-02-2020)

Fixed bug in combine option for competitors; no index for storing competitor info in category.

Wrong record was taken and other errors followed.

v1.1.26.0 (05-02-2020)

Fixed windows at startup

Fixed issue with removing competitor from the list of seeded competitors

Updated several translations

v1.1.25.8 (04-02-2020)

Fixed issue with not picking correct papersizes for printing

Fixed new FTP link to taekoplan.com; live update was not working due to invalid path

v1.1.25.7 (03-02-2020)

Verified working of poomsae changing of categories; all correct

Changed FTP server for live update

v1.1.25.6 (31-01-2020)

Fixed issue with listing zipfiles from folder. Not all files were displayed

Fixed issue with incorrectly showing windows on mainscreen when switching from kyorugi to poomsae and v.v.

v1.1.25.5 (18-01-2020)

Fixed issue when using same tournament, main layout was not correctly created.

Ignored check and recreation of country tables when tournament database was in use

Fixed blue boxes on jurypaper A5 which were not supposed to be there

Fixed saving position of weighin overview module

Fixed date issues with some queries to TPSS database

Enabled TPSS live results

v1.1.25.4 (18-01-2020)

Fixed memory leak in fight planning which caused application to run out of open table space

Fixed error when opening timetable if no matches yet planned

Added message to fightschedule when no categories are planned yet

Fixed fightnumbers per team overview

v1.1.25.3 (09-01-2020)

Added team selection for prizes per team menu option

Added option for payrolls to print separate payrolls for poomsae pairs and teams when these are combined from different clubs

Changed logo on splash screen to english version

v1.1.25.2 (07-01-2020)

Rebuild of zip/unzip. Instead of using .gz reverted back to .zip with new library usage.

Improved speed of zip/unzip overall.

Zipfiles are now compatible again with v3

v1.1.24.1 (06-01-2020)

Fixed issue with retrieving results from Daedo 3.x and out-of-bounds error

v1.1.25.0 (05-01-2020)

Fully integrated Poomsae cutoff and elimination in this version

Enabled timed retrieval of results from scoreboard systems other than Daedo or KP&P and also added Poomsae data pickup

v1.1.24.9 (26-11-2019)

Added margins to the splash background picture to align properly

Added option to switch off question for printing accreditation after changing data of competitor

Update TaekoPlan logo on printouts

v1.1.24.8 (25-11-2019)

Fixed categories per date; added checkboxes and made them enabled when required

Fixed issue with shortcutbar which caused shortcut module te close unexpectedly

Updated webserver modules with upgraded webserver

Tested Daedo v3.1 succesfully with this version; RTDS, result entry and webserver working.

v1.1.24.7 (25-11-2019)

Fixed some issues with combining competitors (te be tested extensively)

v1.1.24.6 (25-11-2019)

Added labels to shortcut bar to clearify what shortcut is meant by the picture

Redid layout for webserver toolwindows to block overlapping of controls

Reworked Daedo and KP&P result processing due to different protocol implementations.

Had to add matchid as it was missing in Daedo output.

v1.1.24.5 (25-11-2019)

Fixed issue with timetable not going to top of the table after loading

When selecting a plus weightclass from pulldown, competitor management crashed due to invalid weight limit

When going through competitor list in competitor management, the selcted tab (e.g. weighin) was always

moved back to the first tab. Corrected.

Added auto adjust to columns in overviews (set based on width content)

v1.1.24.4 (25-11-2019)

Fixed checkbox 'All tournaments' in zip module not visible

Added option to export to Excel in printer viewer

Added translations in main module for menu options

v1.1.24.3 (25-11-2019)

Fixed not always loading of shortcuts bar

Fixed issue with SQL being corrupted by other regional settings than EN-US

v1.1.24.2 (24-11-2019)

Fixed copy/paste of age categories over classes

Added checkboxes to selection of categories per date

When selecting Daedo or KPP as interface, the other is completely deselected

Restore menu option for scoreboard settings. Was not visible although Daedo or KP&P was selected.

v1.1.24.1 (24-11-2019)

Complete rewrite of Real time display due to slight difference in Daedo and KP&P output

Fixed issues with WT Protocol caused by differences in Daedo and KP&P protocol execution

v1.1.24.0 (17-11-2019)

Changed shortcut menu. Now on top.

Added option to remove shortcuts by right clicking on the picture.

Shortcut picture is now taken when closing a form'

Fixed issue with 'no current record' when database was created but no tournaments yet in it

v1.1.23.14 (15-11-2019)

Fixed issue with Daedo WT Protocol connection. Update from Daedo will fix it permanently.

Current fix is workaround

Added shortcut menu to left side of mainscreen.

Fixed issue where module to open could be double clicked and two screen appeared, of which one empty.

Fixed issue with Daedo protocol not providing matchnumber in their JSON output. Now scoreboard can detect and show fight contents properly.

v1.1.23.13 (12-11-2019)

Fixed issue with papersizes not correctly changed for reports.

Also changing papersizes was not having any impact on report output

v1.1.23.12 (11-11-2019)

Fixed issue with percentage not properly calculated in timetable

Fixed major issue with adding or combining competitors; scheme could be corrupted and new fightnumber was not created

v1.1.23.11 (7/11/2019)

Fixed issue with JSON for WT protocol; correction of earlier bug created in match output

Added RESUME status to Daedo detailed fight info; was missing

v1.1.23.10 (24/10/2019)

Fixed issue with incorrect no. of indexes in multiple field index

Fixed issue with incorrect field in overview for seeding; program crashed

Renamed field in foto_official table to remain compatible with v3

v1.1.23.9 (16/10/2019)

After the update to the KP&P WT protocol IF hang up after receiving the data and sending the MATCH_LOADED message.

  This as been corrected. The IF was waiting for the 200 Ok response


Updated JSON deserialization of WT protocol data from KP&P and Daedo PSS

Known issue: Daedo does not provide correct matchnid's in the actions ouyput

Made generic error messages for all modules based on the error notification module


Fixed issue with invoke error from communication thread

Fixed issue for responsestream being closed before sending response to PSS

Implemented Daedo 2.10 WT Protocol for communication

Fixed some upper/lowercase issues with WT Protocol responses 

Known issue: Daedo TKstrike gives nullpointer error

Updated webcam module to correctly provide selected frame from snapshot as image


Redone layout for webcam module due to strange bahvior (controls misplaced)

Added option to select a rectangle from the camera output to use for the picture


Updated module for camera support for pictures during accreditation

Updated module for user defined import; changed dutch fieldnames to english for better understanding

Added several translations


Fixed startup issue with docked toolwindows; were loaded twice and sometimes lost their contents

Fixed several translation issues

Updated import module for MDB and XLS files, changed layout and added option to main menu

Grouped import options together in main menu

Updated translations in reports

Added flags to printed output of team and country classification

Updated legends on bottom of classification output for proper explanation of point system used


Fixed issue where changing weightcategory for a competitor was undone.


Fixed issue with accreditation printing and medalwinner list. Correctly showing flags.

It is a bug in the reporting component and will be fixed, but workaround is fine for now


Added latest changes required for using WT flags in all modules


Fixed issue not saving tournament logo

Updated all flags with the ones provided by WT

Changed dialog boxes to comply with themes used

Added tab 'WT Protocol' in basic settings

Known issue: Flags and pictures are not correctly shown on printed outputs


Updated/improved WT Protocol output

Added new webserver for continous streaming of macht actions and results

Added result type to fightinfo shown in timetable (PTF etc)

Made scoreboard module resizable based on no. of courts in the event


Added more WT Protocol related reports

Added menu entries for WT protocol options

Changed way to show network loss: toolbar on main screen becomes red if no connection anymore; green if network is ok


Fixed aspect ratio issue with layout images. They were not correctly sized

Added extra entry field for accreditations and officials to enter firstname


Fixed issue with not adding a category to a new competitor

Checked 3/4th place fight


Fixed issue with opening files for layout editor; non-shared blocked opening

Fixed issue with double opening report generator at the same time; causing memory issue

Fixed issue with decimals in layout card format; removed decimals

Print viewer can not be set to hosted anymore due to docking error; separate thread is not accepted


Changed accreditation method for competitors, officials and others

Corrected some country codes to official WT Naming convention

Updated WT Protocol output with naming convention


Fixed issue with starting program files folder. 

Added 'Start as administrator' option to install


Updated WT Protocol standardization

Added one more missing DLL for printing


Added missing DLL's to setup for report generator


Fixed error message when starting and showing status module


Added 'Events' to WT protocol


Added GUIDs to event, age categories, weightclasses and matchconfiguration data for WT Protocol

Fixed issue with weightclasses when importing default vestsizes/hitlevels; only the first

weightclass was updated

Added webserver for WT Protocol 2020

Added first webserver responses according to WT specs

Fixed issue with toolwindows not docking correctly on bottom and right

Sometimes incorrect (empty) toolwindows were shown for non-active connections


Fixed issue with loading templates and layouts together

Fixed loading flags in accreditation modules

Fixed showing barcode on accreditations


Update Layout designer:

Added copy/paste option for controls

Added option to select multiple controls at once and move/resize them

Fixed issue with 'save as...' function not showing file dialog

Known bug: while dragging a single object the mouse goes out of the objects bounds

Added PDF print option to print output module


Complete rebuild of zip/unzip utility. Used hierachical grid for better look and feel

If country information was changed, you could eave the module withour confirming them. Is fixed


Added option to upload new or changed flags to countries

Fixed some translations


Added module for updating countries (names, ISO codes etc)

Fixed issue not showing pictures in officials module

Added flags resource file which can be updated from the countries module


Upgraded Activereports component to 13.2

Fixed some english translations

Copied hardware code to clipboard after trial expiration


Added new option in timetable to completely reset sent flags for TPSS


Added competitors per category report

Fixed several translations to NOC instead of team for WT promoted events

Fixed issue with incorrect switching NOSHOW and weightok for competitor


Added KP&P scoreboard output in TaekoPlan also

Complete integration with v.1.3.3

Fixed issue with Daedo output not showing Matchnumber

Fixed issue with error on 'menu32.png' image not available. Blocked startup

Fixed issue with floating windows that came back after starting TaekoPlan


Added Daedo scoreboard output in TaekoPlan to be able to follow all courts

Complete integration with Daedo 2.8.5+


Added support for Daedo fightdata. Later version will implement scoreboard like information for fights


Added menu option in competitor management to reset the full weighin to initial state

Update seeding per category output by adding WT ranking to it

Fixed issue with WT ranking check button not visible in competitor management module

Fixed issie with printheaders sometimes being cut-off and not showing all content

Fixed non translated country report


Fixed two small issues in creating/checking database structure

Improved speed in competitor management module


Added new option in tournament selection module to duplicate a selected tournament.

It will be added as the last one in the list


Added support for KP&P v1.1 and higher. Tested and working

Weighin reporting minor fixes

Added date selection box to KP&P status view. Working like the Daedo one


Added new reporting to separately show failed, random and noshow weighin results

Updated manual weighin processing by adding noshow as third option.


Fixed several small issues with incorrectly formatted simplycompete files

Now full import of registration, entries and ranking possible.


Fixed issue with some themes when showing menu. Scrollbars were added in both directions on hovering.

Enlarged fonts in menu to be better readable

Fixed bug in grades when linking them to classes


Updated text editor to be able to merge database fields

Fixed some minor issues in mailing module


Added mailing module which was not yet there

Added separate menu option for mailing


Added several german translations

Added RTF text editor for layout component and mailing component


Updated module for main screen search function

Fixed issue with competitor info generating an error when right clicking name in timetable


Update many modules for changeable docking option


Added extra webrequest to obtain rankingorder from TPSS website for a competitor.

Points were already possible, order has been added.

Added description for sessions. You can now call them 'Morning session' or whatever name you want to give.


Fixed error 'record not found' when timeschedule did not have any fights yet.

Happened when calculating percentages


Added option to make modules non-dockable or dockable.


Renamed WTRankingorder field to make it more clear

Recreated the sessions module as it was not able to be localized correctly


Added extra field for competitors to store besides the WT points also the WT ranking position.

In basic tounament settings you can select how to seed, based on points or position.

For Gx events GMS system only provides ranking positions.


Changing third place fight or repachage did not trigger 'Apply' in basic tournament settings. Fixed

Fixed error cinverting date when running initialize tournament for a specific date

Added PDF Help and CHM helpfile to the setup


Added report for random weighin (was missing)

Updated translations


Fixed small issue with SimplyCompete import

Small fixes in two modules with layout

Fixed several translations

Fixed object errors in interfaces module after creating new tournament


Added option to createessions in an event. So a morning, afternoon, or evening session. You can set them in the timetable by left clicking on the 

header of a court. Set the starttime and the begin- en end fightnumber. The compact fightscheme can be printed for a specific session.


Added NOSHOW checkbox in competitor management. This is done to enable listing of competitors that did not show up at weighin.

NOSHOW is different from weighin not ok!

Added option in weighinlist printing to select only competitors who were selected for random weighin


Added new module for importing the setup for a tournament from the registration setup as sent by SimplyCompete.

You only need to create the basic settings; age categories and weightclasses are automatically imported and created.


Added option to read rankings CSV file coming from simplycompete

Added option to select ranking order or ranking points as leading for selecting 25% or 100% rule during seeding


New: added quicklinks to competitor and team details when clicking on a competitor or team in competitor overview, category overview and seeding



Completely rewritten creation of forms on screen and improved closure. Sometimes forms didn't close properly.

Minor layout changes and fixes for decimal columns in overviews.


Fixed issue with module screens being able to be resized, which caused strange effects to the module layout.

Uniform behavior of module hosts


Fixed issue with not showing poomsae frreestyle mixed team partners

Fixed issue with showing all age categories in selection pulldown for any poomsae type

Added split for rounds/times to semifinals and finals

Fixed issue not closing poomsaeforms help screen after entering compulsory forms


Added pictures and flags to new elimination result module

Added printmodule in 'Schemes' for printing elimination poomsae matches/results


Added new module for repairing/recreating database folder. If there are gaps in the numbering, they will be removed.


Added new module to show scores per jduge for a poomsae elimination match.


Changed layout for trophy screen to be able to easily select categories

Several fixes in modules (non visible)

Update trophy results calculation as in v3 with dividing factor for pairs and teams with members from different clubs


Fix for version issue while starting time schedule


Intermediate minor bug version


Added option in settings menu to start fightschedule on screen in fullscreen mode or normal mode


Intermediate minor bug fix version


Intermediate minor bug fix version


Updated poomsae changes as made in v3


Updated PTG for semi-final and final rounds (no limit)

v1.1.6.1 (Beta 1)

Added cleanup option for poomsae after removing a competitor from a pair or team.

v1.1.6.0 (Beta 1)

New prerequisite is .NET Framework 4.7.2

v1.1.5.6 (Beta 1)

Rebuild application for non recognized library update

v1.1.5.5 (Beta 1)

Update component libraries

v1.1.5.4 (Beta 1)

Introduced GUID id's for poomsae pairs and teams to be able to recreate them after running the wizard

Added complete rebuild option in integrity check for poomsae for scoreboard data table

v1.1.5.3 (Beta 1)

Several changes for Poomsae

v1.1.5.2 (Beta 1)

Fixed issue with poomsae categories not maintaining their correct type (Ind, pair, team...)

v1.1.5.1 (Beta 1)

Fixed major issue in fight planning which caused the planning for a second group of categories to overwrite the first one.

Removed several menu options when using Poomsae

Fixed the screen layout for linking poomsae competitors for pairs and teams in the competitor entry module

Added Poomsae results module to the shortcut menu

v1.1.5.0 (Beta 1)

Added poomsae result being shown as popup

Fixed issue with printing of poomsae timetable

v1.1.4.9 (Beta 1)

Update Poomsae processing

v1.1.4.8 (Beta 1)

Fixed time entry issues in basic tournament settings.

Several translations corrected

v1.1.4.7 (Beta 1)

Fixed issue with not being able to start TaekoPlan when no network connection at all is available/enabled/

A different situation from the one solved in

v1.1.4.6 (Beta 1)

Fixed issue with not starting TaekoPlan when not connected to the internet (not fixed in all situations)

v1.1.4.5 (Beta 1)

Fixed translation crash

Fixed not showing prize winners on graphical drawsheet printing

Fixed corrupt fightschedule module

Fixed 3 issues with date selection box refering to the wrong module

Fixed new Daedo date box working in test mode, but not in normal mode

Added infolabel in bottom statusbar providing info over background jobs running

Fixed issue when clicking the X in the top right corner, the module was not actually closed.

Behavior is now the same as when clicking Exit in the menu

Fixed missing translations after crash in statistics module

v1.1.4.4 (Beta 1)

Translation system crashed so had to restore translations from backup and changes several due to corruptcy

Updated German translations

Several small fixes

v1.1.4.3 (Beta 1)

Added World taekwondo Para ranking to TPSS

Added lookup World taekwondo Para ranking to v4

Update fight schemes to select competition date for output

v1.1.4.2 (Beta 1)

Added differencial score and ParaTKD parameters to Daedo IF

Added GDP Tiebreaker parameters to Daedo IF (will be used to decide best fighter)

Added extra field in Simply compete import to accomodate import for Romania

v1.1.4.1 (Beta 1)

Minor fixes in background processing

v1.1.4.0 (Beta 1)

Fixed cleanup at end of program. Closure should be faster

Fixed handling of dropping tables of session and temp tables

Fixed several error handling actions

Fixed hanging of TP when no connection available

Improved speed of opening tables

Built in check for tables to exist

Fixed error in administration tariff modulee when no tariffs available

Fixed several unassigned menu options (not existing anymore)

Improved speed of recalculation of time schedule

Improved speed of opening fight schedule

Fixed issue with saving column widths in seeding module

Fixed minor layout issues in basic tournament settings

Fixed error message when no font and fontsize were provided in preview printheader

Fixed selection of categories in print graphical drawsheet module. Clicking a group did not select the categories

Fixed an error which occured when clicking first, previoud, next or last buttons in officials and accredition module when no record are available

Fixed closure button in legend module

Fixed translation of caption in functions module

Fixed translation of 'om' in fight schedule

v1.1.3.24 (Beta 1)

Fix for error message when not connected to internet at startup

Fix for incorrect showing of status network connection

v1.1.3.23 (Beta 1)

Fix for hanging recalculation in timeschedule

v1.1.3.22 (Beta 1)

Changed the way juryforms are printed. The module for printing juryforms was popping up but is now not used anymore.

It provided an error after processing a result in the fight schedule.

v1.1.3.21 (Beta 1)

In time schdule if no Daedo available then the show vestsizes menu option is disabled

Fixed issue with time schedule hanging after moving a fight

Additional fights overview checked

Single competitor list corrected for + weightclasses. No option to change to a highe weightclass

Fixed issue with entering fightnumber in fight schedule. Now waiting for enter keypress before acting

During start of TaekoPlan empty host windows could be opened. Is fixed

When requesting compact scheme a notification is given that this scheme can be opened on the right side of the screen

Updated translations

Regarding starting a second instance of TaekoPlan: this can not be intercepted. If you attempt to start a second instance, it will just activate the first one

In fight schedule there was a menu option for text entry without any further header. It is the auto closure time and this text has been added now

v1.1.3.20 (Beta 1)

When updating the dates of the tournament, it was not recognized as update for the basic settings.

So dates were not changed at all

v1.1.3.19 (Beta 1)

Fix for 'itemdata' error while printing accreditations

v1.1.3.18 (Beta 1)

Checked and updated random weighin module plus translations

v1.1.3.17 (Beta 1)

Fixed printing of accreditations for competitors and officials

Overall replacement for some changed code

Updated libraries

v1.1.3.16 (Beta 1)

Fixed translation error in competitor management module

Fixed error 'missing layoutfile' although file was available

Corrected some errrors in modules for printing accreditations

v1.1.3.15 (Beta 1)

Fixed translation in compact scheme

Fixed translation in fight scheme module

Fixed report 'additional and moved fights'

Corrected blue color in superiority labels

v1.1.3.14 (Beta 1)

Output for Results ranking 123 fixed. Showed only two categories although more were selected.

v1.1.3.13 (Beta 1)

Fixed issue where a single competitor could be combined to a higher weightclass when already in a '+' category

Fixed translation errors in time schedule

Fixed correct header positioning for all reports (according to basic settings printheader tab)

Fixed translations report 'competitors per team'

Added report 'Head of teams/coaches'


Added separate module for providing data for World Taekwondo Gx tournaments

Added new menu option for this module


Checked combine competitor and made two fixes

Fix for showing combine option in competitors per category needed extra filtering for having only one competitor in the weightclass


Added several translations in English and German

Added extra column in competitors per category view to be able to see instantly if you can combine a competitor to a higher weightclass


Added extra filtering to competitors per category overview. Now only showing categories for the selected date and for the selected categorygroup.

Should improve speed of combining


Added option in timeschedule to show/hide competitor inpection desk status (ready/not ready)

Added option in printing juryforms to enable/disable background printing

Fixed several translations in German in juryforms and time schedule module


Updated libraries

Added Crystal Dark theme


Fixed Trophy module issues and errors

Running correctly (results compared to v3)

All German and english translations for reports ready


Fix for not correctly passing tournament type to TPSS through uploading XML


Added missing report 'Overview Categories'

Added option in basic settings to select printfooter backcolor

TaekoPlan Logo on print output is now transparent


Fixed correct header colors on print outputs (configurable in basic settings)

Fixed some translations


Fixed translations in fight schedule module

Redone certificate/mailing module and corrected some issues


When using Live Update, a backup of your current version of the application is made

It is stored in a subfolder with the current version's name in the upload folder

Before publishing a new XML file to TPSS, the old one is deleted to avoid overwrite errors


Fixed several reports

Redone footer for all reports, properly showing info required


Added copyright notice to splash screen

Added City to tournament selection screen

Fixed report for printing fight schedule (regular way)

Added some translations


Printing jurypapers is working now, both from time schedule and module itself

Changed splash screen title to TaekoPlan.NET 2019


Fightnumbers per team working properly

Updated planning module as planned fights were not correctly registered with the competitors


Fixed referees and assistants modules

Added notification when live update does not need to update

Changed TaekoPlan to be a single instance application

Fixed issue with error 5 while creating treeview for categories

Fixed report 'Participating teams'

Fixed report 'Tablesheet World Taekwondo Europe'

Corrected 'Pagina's' to 'Pages' in report viewer

Fixed issue with printing in background

Wrong main_categorie was passed to print module

Compact fight schema now docked on right side of main screen

Printing compact fight scheme failed due to invalid date format


Enabled voice in TaekoPlan

Fixed issue in competitor overview list with double column 'ID'

Fixed security tab with textboxes not showing '*' for the password fields

Some translations done

Updated all folderbrowse dialogs to correctly handle the cancel button

Fixed printheader preview tab in basic settings

Added zip location icon in zip/unzip utility

Fixed error message in sections management


Fixed some issues with referee entry

Added some compulsory fields

Update all open en save dialogs to correctly handle cancel button click


Added Data viewer in Simplycompete import module to be able to locally view/edit CSV data

Updated this view so CSV import is shown in Excel layout

Several translations fixed


Search on name now working properly. Fixed layout issues and saving location


Network LED now properly detects network availability or not (checking DNS and webserver)

Added initial checking of correct theme in menu


Referee and assistants modules redone and issues fixed


Fixed 'you have not made any changes to the basic settings' although changes were made


Initialisation module redone and issues (non showing checkboxes) fixed


Missing translation in time schedule


Planning module redone and issues (slow, partitioning) fixed


Wizard: right listbox was not emptied before start of second run

Clicking a category in the right listbox gave an error on opening the competitors per category module

The no's shown betwwen brackets (xx competitors) were always 1 less than the real amount

A second run gave an error of a non valid object

Payroll for teams (administration) gave no totals. Fixed


Fixed bug which blocked starting TaekoPlan completely


Administration module checked and fixed issued


Fixed issue with creating fight planning

Fixed error message in Administration module

Added notification when PDF export is ready

Added checked status to selected theme

Moved network status ICON to statusbar in main screen


Fixed issue with missing XML conversion table for creating TPSS XML output

Updated translations in reports


TaekoPlan did end the program even if you said 'No' so not to close it

Printing weighin lists crashed on corrupt competitor information

Added message to weighin list printing when wizard had not been run yet

Fixed issue with printing prizelist info. Printername was mentioned as 'false'


Added icons in print viewer

Added PDF export button

Fixed Cancel button in printer setup (not printing after clicking this one)

Some translation fixes

Fixed wrong dates/times in error log

Fixed non working database options


Corrected several 'WTF" to 'WT'

Changed printing behavior: selected printer in dialog overrules the default printer. If the printer in the dialog box

is set as the default one, TaekoPlan will take this over als default.

Fixed issue withe print preview showing same document although different document selected


During TPSS import pictures where not shown. Fixed

In the teamlist the first row did not provide the competitors on click. Solved

Corrected 'WTF' to 'WT' in classes, grades and age category modules


Added printer setup button to print viewer

Print viewer now running separate thread to speed up processing


Timer for closing the startup screen automatically (5 seconds)

Updated translations for price module

Fixed time issue in draw (not updating)

Fixed 05:52 instead of 17:52 in zip/unzip tool


Fixed non scrolling TPSS import

Fixed issue with planning giving error message

Fixed 'no tournament competitors available' when running wizard twice

After removing zipfile from list, list was not refreshed


Fixed accreditations module, two small issues with values not being saved

Fix in official entry module, out of memory error due to invalid type assignment

Fixed incorrect layout in tournament selection module


Removed license tab in basic settings; replaced by new module

Fixed output common information (print)

Changed startup order slightly to be more logical


Fixed error message when layoutfolder name was incorrect

Added compact scheme to right toolwindow at startup when it was there before during close of the program

Fixed layout issue with docking compact scheme window

Fixed layout issue with functions module

Updated translations


Fixed translation for this new module


New module replacing manual adjustment draw. Completely rewritten and new layout

Several translations added 


Fixed issue with not showing categories if competition date was not yet set

Added missing library Telerikdata to setup

Added shortcut menu 9competitors, timeschedule and fight schedule) as right click menu to toppanel 


Fixed missing categories in selecting categories per competition date

Fixed [crlf] in final message in category wizard


Update for Simplycompete import to handle extra double quotes

Added active state to age categories to filter the non active out of the lists


Simplycompete import for Kyorugi working

Added translations

Corrected filters for dialogs


New import/export for classes, grades, age categories and weightclasses.

For weightclasses separate templates can be created and stored and imported again.

Added missing translations in planning module

Fixed issue with docking larger than screenwidth

Added Crystal (Apple look) theme


Fixed missing picture during load


Layout editor redone, working


Fixed TPSS upload; pse do not upload during testing!

Working on layout editor; not yet finished


Update menu layout; removed shortcuts. Will be replaced later by new solution


Fixed time entry issue in timeschedule

Correct resize from timeschedule after opening

Fixed several ID sorting issues in grids


Fixed/updated remaining invalid objects in code


Updated translations


Fixed small issue with moving fights and reset result


Updated weightclasses module: added right click delete option


Initial release of TaekoPlan v4

New: Liveupdate function